Snoop Dogg Will Reunite With Crip-Walking Horse at 2024 Olympics and Boost Rising Stars on ‘The Voice’

Snoop Dogg arrives to THE TONIGHT SHOW STARRING JIMMY FALLON on Monday, May 13, 2024

In a thrilling announcement that has fans buzzing, Snoop Dogg is set to reunite with his viral sensation, the Crip-Walking horse, at the 2024 Olympics in Paris. This highly anticipated reunion is expected to bring a dose of hip-hop flair to the equestrian events, combining Snoop’s unmistakable charisma with a unique display of equine athleticism. Adding to the excitement, Snoop Dogg will also be joining “The Voice” as a coach, where he will mentor and promote rising stars in the music industry.

The Crip-Walking horse first captured the world’s attention during the Tokyo 2020 Olympics. Snoop Dogg’s commentary, alongside comedian Kevin Hart, turned a standard equestrian event into a viral moment as they marveled at the horse’s smooth moves, which resembled the iconic Crip Walk dance. The internet exploded with memes and videos, showcasing Snoop’s comedic prowess and the horse’s unexpected talent.

Snoop Dogg Talks Joining The Voice: "All Hail the Mighty Queen" Reba | NBC  Insider

As the 2024 Paris Olympics approach, fans are eagerly awaiting the next chapter of this unique pairing. Snoop’s return to the Olympics with his Crip-Walking equine companion is poised to be a standout moment, blending sports and entertainment in a way only Snoop Dogg can. The rapper’s involvement is expected to draw a diverse audience, bringing fresh attention and excitement to the equestrian events.

But Snoop Dogg’s plans extend beyond the Olympic arena. He will also be making a significant impact in the music world as a coach on the popular talent show “The Voice.” Known for his mentorship skills and his keen eye for talent, Snoop is set to bring his extensive industry experience to the show, offering invaluable guidance to aspiring artists. His presence on “The Voice” promises to inject a new level of energy and creativity, as he helps shape the next generation of music stars.

Snoop Dogg Talks Joining The Voice: "All Hail the Mighty Queen" Reba | NBC  Insider

Snoop Dogg’s dual roles at the Olympics and on “The Voice” highlight his versatility and enduring influence across multiple entertainment platforms. His ability to seamlessly transition from the sports world to the music industry demonstrates his multifaceted talent and widespread appeal. Fans can expect Snoop to bring his signature style, humor, and wisdom to both endeavors, creating memorable moments and inspiring future talents.

The rapper’s involvement in these high-profile events also underscores his commitment to fostering new talent and supporting diverse forms of expression. By reuniting with the Crip-Walking horse, Snoop not only revisits a viral sensation but also champions the blend of culture and sport. His role on “The Voice” will enable him to nurture young artists, providing them with opportunities to shine and grow under his mentorship.

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As anticipation builds for the 2024 Paris Olympics and the upcoming season of “The Voice,” Snoop Dogg’s fans have much to look forward to. Whether it’s witnessing the Crip-Walking horse’s encore performance or watching Snoop guide emerging musicians to stardom, his influence is set to resonate across both the sports and music landscapes.

In summary, Snoop Dogg’s upcoming reunion with the Crip-Walking horse at the 2024 Olympics and his role as a coach on “The Voice” highlight his unique ability to entertain and inspire across various domains. As he continues to break new ground and support rising stars, Snoop Dogg remains a dynamic force in the entertainment world, ready to create unforgettable moments and champion the next wave of talent.