Steve Harvey recently found himself embroiled in controversy after a seemingly out-of-character tweet surfaced on his Twitter account, raising eyebrows and concerns within both his fanbase and the comedy community. The tweet, which asked followers to name a comedian they didn’t find funny, contradicted Harvey’s usual brand of positivity and motivation.

Majorie Harvey: Everything To Know About Steve Harvey's Wife | Us Weekly

In response to the backlash, Harvey took to social media to address the issue, expressing frustration and taking responsibility for the tweet, which he attributed to a member of his team. Emphasizing his commitment to positivity, Harvey apologized for the tweet and assured his followers that such an incident would not occur again.

However, the controversy didn’t end there. Shortly after, rumors began circulating alleging that Harvey’s wife, Marjorie, was involved in infidelity with their bodyguard or chef. These rumors quickly gained traction on social media and various media outlets, prompting Harvey to address them publicly during his appearance at the Earn Your Leisure festival.

Harvey vehemently denied the cheating allegations, labeling them as baseless and attributing them to malicious individuals seeking to tarnish his reputation. Despite the rumors, Harvey stood by his wife, Marjorie, and dismissed the speculation surrounding their relationship.

As the controversy continues to unfold, Harvey remains steadfast in his commitment to positivity and resilience in the face of adversity. Despite attempts to besmirch his reputation, Harvey remains focused on moving forward and maintaining his brand of motivation and inspiration for his audience.