Recently, during a livestream on her personal page with more than 169 million followers, singer and rapper Cardi B surprised many viewers when she pulled down her shirt to show off her entire chest because she was excited about the newly released music product.

Immediately, this attracted the attention of many netizens and most of them expressed their disappointment and criticized her for her uncivilized, extremely offensive, and “unclean” actions. mass media.

Portrait of female singer and rapper Cardi B – Photo: FBNV

Accordingly, users of the Instagram platform witnessed an ‘unbelievable’ scene from a big public star. Before removing her shirt to show off her bust, Cardi B moaned and writhed to the extreme while playing vibrant music. The sensitive part was covered with stickers, but it could not avoid the discomfort of viewers.

Source: Showbiz Video

The number of ‘viewers’ must also be the factor that made her so excited when there were more than 22,000 viewers watching the livestream. Some social network users left criticism of the female rapper’s inappropriate actions and said that she deliberately staged a trick to attract public opinion so that the promotion of her song  Like What  would become more favorable.

Viewers think that the female singer intentionally created a PR stunt for her new song Like What – Photo: FBNV

Cardi B was born and raised in New York (USA) in 1992. She is known to global fans as a ‘rebellious’ female rapper with countless MVs reaching hundreds of millions of views. Before starting her singing career, Cardi B worked as a strip model.

She is also famous for her scandals of beating people and shocking statements in the media. In 2017, she married rapper Offset and lived together in New York. In mid-September 2020, Cardi B filed for divorce but reconciled a few weeks later.

Rapper Cardi B once threw the microphone down on the audience’s heads while performing – Photo: FBNV

Going back in time to July 2023, Cardi B stirred up public opinion by throwing a microphone directly at the head of an audience member who threw water on her. The incident happened unexpectedly while the female singer was performing the song Bodak Yellow in Las Vegas.

Despite receiving many waves of outcry from the online community, on August 3, Cardi B was cleared of all charges related to this action, and the Las Vegas Police Department also stopped investigating allegations of violence against her. female singer again.

The ‘crime’ microphone was auctioned for charity purposes and an amount of 90,000 USD was raised. All proceeds will go to two charity funds: Wounded Warrior Project and Friendship Circle Las Vegas.