Caitliп Clark has igпited a storm oп social media by speakiпg oυt iп defeпse of Coach Christie Sides agaiпst swirliпg rυmors of her dismissal, evokiпg deep emotioпs aпd hearty applaυse from faпs.

Indiana Fever head coach Christie Sides didn’t hold back her frustration after her team suffered a crushing 36-point loss to the New York Liberty on Thursday night. In her postgame press conference, Sides didn’t mince words, labeling the Fever’s performance as “unacceptable,” especially since it was their home opener.

She emphasized the need for improvement and expressed her disappointment in the team’s inability to make the fans proud with their performance on the court. Sides stated, “We’ve got to do a better job. We’ve got to make the fans proud with what we put on the floor. And I will take it. We didn’t do that tonight. And that’s unacceptable.”

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But things are not getting any better for Sides and his players as they were defeated again by Liberty this Saturday, although the margin of defeat was no longer as large and the team showed some improvement, but still with many areas for improvement.

When a reporter brought up the team’s struggles last season and inquired about how the Fever can turn things around, Sides acknowledged the need for experience and mentioned making changes to the lineup. She also highlighted the team’s focus on defensive work in practice.

However, she expressed frustration at the lack of practice time to address their current issues, saying: “That’s kind of the issue – we don’t have any practice time to go fix this right now.” After taking a moment to gather her thoughts, she simply concluded, “We just have to get better.”

Clark’s arrival adds pressure on Sides as Fever struggle to deliver


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The pressure on Sides has intensified this season with the arrival of Caitlin Clark, raising expectations for the Fever to deliver top-notch performances consistently. And while this was not the case, as at times the team showed competitiveness and came within 5 points of Liberty, ending up losing by 11 points and with Clark having her best game so far, things are still not going well for Sides.

In the face of mounting pressure, Sides and the Fever must regroup and demonstrate significant improvement in their upcoming games to alleviate doubts about their capabilities. The challenge ahead is clear, and Sides understands the urgency of the situation as she works to steer her team back on course.