2024 WNBA Draft

Angel Reese, the rising basketball star from Baltimore, has wasted no time in exploring the culinary delights of her new home in Chicago. While she may have her favorite spots back in Baltimore, such as Hip Hop Fish & Chicken, and fond memories of Blue Store Chicken from her time in Baton Rouge, Reese has eagerly embraced the Windy City’s food scene, with Harold’s Chicken quickly becoming a new favorite.

Located at 612 South Wabash Street, Harold’s Chicken has earned Reese’s seal of approval, with the young athlete describing it as “bussin’.” Her enthusiastic endorsement during the Chicago Sky’s training camp at Sachs Recreation Center in Deerfield has undoubtedly sparked curiosity among fans eager to try out her recommended spot.

Reese’s culinary adventures extend beyond just fried chicken, as she’s also sampled Chicago’s famous deep-dish pizza. Always on the lookout for new food experiences, Reese is determined to compare Harold’s Chicken with her hometown favorites to determine the ultimate winner.

While Reese may retain a soft spot for Baltimore, where she hails from Randallstown, Maryland, she’s quickly warming up to life in Chicago. Despite the whirlwind of activity following the WNBA Draft and her move to the Windy City, Reese has found solace in exploring the local food scene, helping her to settle in and feel more at home.

Transitioning to life in a new city can be challenging, but Reese’s positive outlook and warm reception from Chicago fans have made the adjustment smoother. Known as “Bayou Barbie” during her college days at LSU, Reese has embraced her new persona as “Chi Barbie” and is excited to make her mark on the court with the Sky.

As Reese and her fellow rookie, Kamilla Cardoso, make their debut with the Sky, fans are eagerly anticipating the duo’s impact on the team. With Reese’s infectious enthusiasm and Cardoso’s undeniable talent, the Sky’s future looks bright, and Chicago fans are ready to cheer them on every step of the way.