The dark side of popularity really exists. Not many would know this better than Chicago’s rookie Angel Reese. From her very entry into the LSU Tigers to her everyday moves, she has known what it feels like to be under scrutiny. And amidst all the hype, there have been some really stressful times when the Chi-Town Barbie has hit the lowest of the lows. Nevertheless, keeping her head high, she has also proven that she is tough and courageous. Something that her coach Teresa Weatherspoon adores about her.

Talking to the media in the post-game conference about her take on the negative side of fame that Reese faces every day, T-spoon had nothing but praise. She commented on the same, saying, “She handles it very well, she closes it out.” The Sky coach also added a conversation that she and Angel Reese had.

She said, “My question to her was, ‘Being so young and so popular and the things that are written about you that people don’t really even know you, how does it feel?’” Replaying the Bayou Barbie’s answer, Weatherspoon told the press, “She said, ‘I’ve learned how to block it out and to trust myself.’”

Commending the 22-year-old star, the Basketball Hall of Famer said, “It’s tough. I have a lot of respect of how they handle themselves with the popularity that they have and then the way things are written about them. If you really knew the person, those things wouldn’t be written. Incredible young lady, angelic type of young lady.”

According to the head coach, the most important thing is that Angel Reese knows that the team she plays with is going to love her the most and have her back. But she also has a strong stance on why Reese gets negative comments.

T-spoon explains why Angel Reese gets the hate

While most incidents show how much the basketball world loves the former Lady Tiger, many instances also show how much people hate her. Whether you look at the time when she cried after her Elite Eight loss to Caitlin Clark and Co. or when she left for the Met Gala for her 22nd birthday just 24 hours before her pre-season game against the New York Liberty, she has known the haters as much as fans.

USA Today via Reuters

According to Weatherspoon, “(Reese) loves people. But when people are competing, so they probably would’ve said the very same thing about us. When we’re competing, we’re going to compete, we’re going to win. They would never think I love you. They would never even think I cared about you. Because how we freaking competing and we’re wanting to win? It’s the same dang thing going on now.”

Pressing on the clarification again, T-spoon repeated how this is competition and that’s what they are doing for the jersey they wear. She also added that after the competition, they are who they are. Surely, Angel Reese too has multiple times spoken about her relationship with Caitlin Clark. Definitely, when competing in the WNBA, the players are going to ensure that their name echoes through the sport for their contributions on the court.