Caitlin Clark, the standout basketball player from the University of Iowa known for her remarkable shooting prowess, finds herself squarely in the crosshairs of both current and former WNBA players.

Diana Taurasi, a revered figure in women’s basketball circles for her illustrious career at UConn and with the Phoenix Mercury, delivered a sobering message to Clark during an ESPN interview. Taurasi cautioned that while Clark appeared superhuman against teenage opponents, the transition to facing seasoned professionals in the WNBA would necessitate a period of adjustment and self-compassion as a rookie.

The warning from Taurasi came after Clark’s impressive performance in a game against the Huskies, sparking a flurry of reactions and debate within the basketball community.

Taurasi didn’t reserve her candid remarks solely for Clark; she also directed attention to Angel Reese, a standout player for LSU Tigers, with a startling comment about waving goodbye to her career, alluding to a moment during a game against Middle Tennessee.

Furthermore, when questioned about her preference between UConn Huskies star Paige Bueckers and Clark in the upcoming WNBA Draft, Taurasi didn’t mince words. She unequivocally stated her choice: “I’m taking Paige,” firmly establishing her stance amidst the draft speculation.

Taurasi’s comments added layers of intrigue and anticipation to Clark’s journey as she prepares to transition from dominating college basketball to facing the challenges of the professional league.

Caitlin Clark in Iowa uniform.

Social media recently resurfaced a four-year-old video featuring a conversation between Sue Bird and Megan Rapinoe, in which Diana Taurasi interjected with a candid remark about her approach to facing rookies in the WNBA.

Taurasi’s blunt statement in the video reflects her competitive mindset, expressing a desire to assert dominance over rookies by physically and mentally challenging them on the court. She described a form of pre-game psychological warfare aimed at unsettling young players before tip-off, illustrating the intensity and strategy involved in her approach to competition.

Amidst Taurasi’s recent comments directed at players like Caitlin Clark, the anticipation for their on-court encounters has heightened. With Clark widely projected as the top pick in the upcoming WNBA Draft, the prospect of her facing Taurasi’s team, the Phoenix Mercury, at least three times next season adds another layer of intrigue to their rivalry.

As Taurasi’s words reverberate across social media, the stage is set for compelling matchups between the seasoned veteran and the emerging star, promising thrilling showdowns that will captivate fans and shape the narrative of the upcoming WNBA season.