Along with his mother Jacida Carter and daughter Reginae Carter, Lil Wayne took the stage. Bun B of UGK assisted in giving Weezy an amazing welcome speech. Bun and DJ Khaled then gave Weezy the trophy. Then came Lil Wayne’s heartfelt acceptance speech.

Lil Wayne expressed gratitude to everyone who has helped him during the last several years, which have been turbulent for the rap icon. These people include friends, family, and fans. Wayne also expressed gratitude to a man he called Uncle Bob, who he claims spared him from suiciԀe years before.

“I have to present this honour to those who declined. That [refers to] the folks who have stuck by me through all of the—you already know. The folks who didn’t think I was someone who hadn’t released an album in four or six years. You all supported me and showed me respect. You attended every performance. Every record and every feature was respected by you. my household. My family steadfastly persisted in inspiring me. must cease acting like I’m not the man. As if I were someone other than my father. As though I were someone else entirely. They would not allow me to feel any less. Please offer my family the item.

Wayne turned to Uncle Bob, the man who had saved his life. Tunechi told the tale of how, when he was twelve years old, he tried to shoot himself and Uncle Bob saved his life.

Weezy starts a fascinating story with, “When I sаy,’refuse,’ there’s a man in New Orleans, his nаme is Uncle Bob.” One day, he entered an apartment. With weapons drawn, he barged in the door and saw no one. On the floor, he noticed legs. My legs were the cause. He noticed blооd all over the place. Police jumped all over me. He declined to comply. I recently spoke with him, and I had no idea that EMS was on the scene. He claimed that after two attempts by EMS, they were told “there’s nothing.” He was not going to let that go.

Weezy goes on, “Come drive this car, someone,” he said to someone. Ignore the ambulance. He personally drove me to the hospital. He kicked in the doors, refusing to wait. “You get whatever you gotta do and make sure this child makes it,” he shouted. Furthermore, Uncle Bob was a hоmicide detective that day. He was not paying attention to details. He arrived after hearing the call. Not only did he not allow me to be taken to the physicians and go, but he also refused to stay and ensured that I survived.