Turns out Travis Kelce IS with Taylor Swift in Sweden … symbolically, anyway, because the singer’s flaunting what looks a lot like a hickey on her neck. Can they get any more high school?!

Several fans at her shows in Stockholm noticed the love mark while Taylor was seated at the piano and performing her “Evermore” era songs at the Friends Arena.

The big red blotch was pretty obvious as Taylor was wearing a blue dress as she sang, “Champagne Problems.”

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Dating: Fans 'Can't Help but Root' For Them

Swifties don’t miss a beat, and several posted videos zooming in on their girl’s neck.

If it is a hickey, there’s not much mystery about how it got there. Tay and Trav spent a few romantic days together in Lake Como, Italy … right after he caught her final show in Paris.

Taylor Swift And Travis Kelce Together

They were kissing like king and queen of the prom while they took a boat ride into the resort town for a romantic dinner.

Not shockingly, Swifties fired off all the appropriate Taylor lyrics in their hickey commentary — lines like, “I feel so high school,” and “the mark they saw on my collarbone.”

Taylor and Travis parted ways in Italy — as she jetted off to Stockholm to continue the “Eras: tour, and the Chiefs superstar was back in Kansas to host the Kelce Jam concert … featuring Lil Wayne and 2 Chainz.