Some have called it ‘one of the best TV series’ they have ever watched

Viewers urge people to watch 'one of the best' dark crime dramas that 'keeps you guessing' right up to the end

I know we rant and rave about a lot of shows but when you really can’t decide what to watch, we’ve always got you covered.

Luckily for you, many viewers have only just discovered this old(ish) crime drama from 2011 and they are calling it ‘one of the best’.

The US TV series – based on Danish equivalent Forbrydelsen – follows various murder investigations led by homicide detectives Sarah Linden (Mireille Enos) and Stephen Holder (Joel Kinnaman).

The series aired from 2011 to 2014. (Netflix/AMC)
The series aired from 2011 to 2014. (Netflix/AMC)

Seasons one and two delve into the ‘Rosie Larsen case’, as Linden and Holder investigate the murder of the teenage girl.

A year after the end of that investigation, season three sees the detectives on the look out for a runaway girl – leading them to discover a gruesome string of murders that connected to a previous investigation, while the fourth season sees the show come to an end.

Seasons one and two of The Killing premiered on AMC in 2011 and 2012, but the show was subsequently cancelled that year.

However, after negotiations with Fox Television and Netflix, the show was picked up for a third season.

In 2013, it was cancelled yet again until Netflix announced that it would be showing the fourth season, consisting of six episodes to conclude the series, released in 2014.

With four seasons and 44 episodes, The Killing has proved to be a very popular watch, and has received a whopping 87 percent audience score on Rotten Tomatoes.

Some viewers have called it 'one of the best TV series' they have ever watched. (Netflix/AMC)
Some viewers have called it ‘one of the best TV series’ they have ever watched. (Netflix/AMC)

One viewer thought it was a ‘great show’, adding: “The writing is excellent in the pace it sets, twists and turns, an insightful 360° degrees scope of the downfalls of a murder – with some minor weaknesses here and there – but the actors… Oh!

“The actors are FABULOUS!! Helped by characters that just draw you in, they give some of the best performances I’ve seen in a series, ever!

“| hadn’t enjoyed a long running series this much for a looong time. Just starting season three: up to now, top crime show, no doubt.”

While another called it ‘one of the best TV series’ they have ever watched.

Netflix picked up the show for its last season in 2014. (Netflix/AMC)

Netflix picked up the show for its last season in 2014. (Netflix/AMC)

“Was impressed the most by playing of Brant Sexton (Stanley Larsen) and Jamie Anne Allman (Terry Marek) made me cry,” they wrote.

“Also cried when Peter Sarsgaard (Ray Seward)went for execution. And cried in the end, so beautiful end.

“And of course Sarah Linden and Holder who opened up later as character and did a great job.

“No harm feelings for other actors, they also played brilliant!!! Every actor made this movie great! Thanks for all of you.”

While someone else wrote that the writers ‘kept you guessing right up to the end’, adding: “The way the story is written makes you feel empathetic towards some of the characters, and we found ourselves feeling their ups and downs.”

All four seasons of The Killing are available to watch now on Channel 4 and Disney Plus in the UK.