Months after finalizing a monumental $28 million agreement, Caitlin Clark seals another significant contract, a feat previously accomplished solely by Michael Jordan.


Despite enduring four consecutive losses at the start of the season with the Indiana Fever, Caitlin Clark’s triumphs extend beyond the court. The top pick of the 2024 WNBA draft has inked a multi-year agreement with Wilson, as reported by Vinciane Ngomsi of the Boardroom.

The sole other athlete to secure a deal with Wilson? None other than the legendary Michael Jordan. While Clark has yet to attain Jordan’s status, her trajectory toward greatness is unmistakable.

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For enthusiasts of basketball, it’s common knowledge that Wilson produces some of the finest balls for the sport, serving as the official ball supplier for WNBA matches.

Caitlin Clark’s connection to the brand is nothing new, as she has been using the company’s products since childhood. She told Boardroom:

“I loved that thing more than anything. My brothers and I would always fight over it. That was the best basketball. But I’m just super excited to have a collaboration and create basketballs together that are really cool.
I’ve seen the designs that young girls, boys, whoever can get their hands on and go dribble in the driveway or take it to practice with them.”

The monetary details of the deal aren’t public yet, but fans can assume it to be a multi-million deal, especially after her $28 million contract with Nike. According to The Athletic, Caitlin Clark continued her association with Nike following the most lucrative deal for a WNBA player.

Prior to this deal, Clark had a NIL deal with the Oregon-based company that expired at the end of the 2023-24 collegiate season.

More details about Caitlin Clark’s deal with Wilson

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As per the report by Boardroom, Clark’s role “includes testing, advising, and providing feedback on a range of basketball gear.” The first basketball design of the collaboration includes engravings that recognize Clark’s historic moments with the Iowa Hawkeyes. The Fever guard said:

I think it is super special, and it’s been fun for me. I feel like I was just that young kid who had those basketballs that I would store in the garage.”

I’m just very lucky and fortunate to partner with Wilson to create something that everyone can enjoy. It connects with a lot of generations, and it’ll be fun to see kids walking around holding them.”


While life with the Indiana Fever hasn’t gotten off to the greatest of starts, things can only get better for Caitlin Clark.