In Iowa City, the era dominated by Caitlin Clark has come to an end, prompting coach Lisa Bluder to shift her focus to the immediate future. Alongside Clark, the team has bid farewell to several key players pivotal to their consecutive appearances in the national title game.

Lisa Bluder and former Iowa star Caitlin Clark

Yet, anyone assuming that the Hawkeyes are simply relinquishing their recent triumphs and embracing a period of decline would be mistaken. Bluder and her team have been actively engaged in revamping their lineup. Here’s a glimpse of their current roster as they prepare for the upcoming 2024-25 season.

Key returning veterans for lowa women’s basketball

Caitlin Clark can't do it alone. No. 3 Iowa got big boost when Martin and Marshall decided to return | The Seattle Times

lowa’s key returnees are Hannah Stuelke, Sydney Affolter and Taylor McCabe. These three are expected to take the helm of the offense after losing a 30+ point scorer in Caitlin Clark.
Stuelke was the team’s second-best scorer and could be their new leading individual bucket-getter. Affolter, meanwhile, will be the one holding the fort down low and doing a lot of the dirty work.

As for Taylor McCab, she’s described by Hawkeyes associate head coach Jan Jensen as “one of the best shooters I’ve ever seen” (via CBS Sports).

Other additions

lowa women’s basketball has no shortage of other players to build around its current core of Stuelke and Affolter.

For one, former second and third-stringers are due to get their minutes, including incoming six-foot-one junior Jada Gyamfi. Here’s what Jensen said about Gyamfi:

“Jada Gyamfi, she has a size and skillset. Sometimes when you are playing behind people you start wondering, ‘Can I do that?’ So I think this summer is going to be really big for her. I would say those kids are really going to be a good mix with our freshies.”
Incoming new recruits could round up Lisa Bluder’s new starting lineup with guards Taylor Stremlow and Aaliyah Guyton (via The Mirror).

Stremlow is a newly crowned State Journal/ WiscNews All-Area girls basketball Player of the Year in 2023-2024 (via, while Guyton is a consensus four-star recruit.

Last but not least, lowa women’s basketball is also prepping to welcome former Villanova Wildcat Lucy Olsen, who will be among the veteran voices to lead the young team.

Here are few more players to round up lowa women’s basketball for the upcoming season:

Sharon Goodman, 6-3, incoming senior

Kylie Feuerbach, 6-0, incoming senior
Addison O’Grady, 6-3, incoming senior
AJ Ediger, 6-2, incoming senior
Kennise Johnson, 5-4, incoming sophomore
Ava Jones, 6-2, incoming sophomore