The WNBA is enjoying a terrific opening to one of its most highly anticipated seasons ever. And it seems ESPN is still hellbent on holding onto archaic broadcast tropes that don’t really appear to serve anyone watching.

During the Indiana Fever’s tough 88-84 loss to the Connecticut Sun on Monday, ESPN conducted a live awkward interview with Indiana coach Christie Sides. Even just watching the interview live, it’s pretty apparent that Sides is struggling to hear the questions being asked of her and that she was understandably distracted while trying to coach her team in a tough fourth quarter.

It just, once again, made this interview process seem so unnecessary:

Seriously, though: Who are these interviews for?

Are fans legitimately getting great insight from coaches who will most likely spout off platitudes about playing with effort and getting quality shots? I’m open-minded, but I doubt anyone is gleaning anything useful or insightful from this. I highly doubt a coach in the heat of the moment will ever say anything more valuable.

This feels like an appendage that ESPN should, at the very least, consider adjusting rather than distracting a coach as they do their job.