Fans might find themselves puzzled by the description of Bronny’s predicament.

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The NBA Draft Combine serves as a reliable gauge of prospects’ upward mobility or stagnation. Bronny James consistently draws attention, largely due to his association with LeBron James. Some analysts speculate that the former USC player under Andy Enfield possesses qualities beyond what his college stats reveal. However, skepticism persists among others. Rachel Nichols, for instance, has made unconventional remarks that even leave seasoned observers like Skip Bayless bemused.

Sports media thrives on comparisons, whether between players or to elucidate particular scenarios, often to attract more viewership. Nichols likened Bronny James’ situation at the NBA Draft Combine to singles in a strip club, a comparison that left Skip Bayless perplexed, prompting an explanation on Undisputed.

There are positions at the end of the bench that he is as good as some of the guys in the NBA. By the way, he could be on a two-way contract. There are all kinds of options for him. What do I always say about second-round picks in the NBA? They’re like singles at a strip club you can give them away as much as you want because they will come back to you,” she said.

This wild statement had Skip Bayless shaking his head. Meanwhile, their co-star Keyshawn Johnson had to vehemently deny that he knew much about strip clubs even to understand Rachel Nichols’ reference. Nonetheless, she still kept hammering down the point about how teams in the NBA Draft should gamble on Bronny James.

“People trade second-round picks like they’re nothing. So, this idea of like ‘you’re wasting a second-round pick and you could have given it to someone who earned it.’ I mean that is just haters speak. I’m sorry,” Nichols declared.

Bronny James’ steady rise in the NBA Draft Combine

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May 14, 2024; Chicago, IL, USA; Bronny James (50) participates during the 2024 NBA Draft Combine at Wintrust Arena. Mandatory Credit: David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

There were a lot of skills that Bronny James got to showcase here that he didn’t get to at USC. The first was his elite shooting and relocation. LeBron James’ son sank 19 out of his 25 shots for the three-point drill. This was a much better number than what he churned out in college. Those shots from beyond the arc only netted him a meager 26.7% clip.

His in-game sense was also much better in the second game when they faced guys like Jamal Shead and Trey Alexander. Among his teammates, Bronny James netted a team-high 13 points while knocking down four out of his 10 shots from the field. It also helped that he went two for five with his three-pointers.

There is still a lot to prove for the young prospect coming out of the USC basketball system. But, the comparisons to his dad just need to be stopped because he is a very different player from LeBron James. Nonetheless, his future is looking brighter as the NBA Draft Combine goes by.

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