Savannah James and her son Bronny James

Bronny James is in the midst of a pivotal moment in his still-nascent basketball career after both declaring for the 2024 NBA draft and entering the transfer portal after one season with the USC Trojans. One of the voices that has always supported his choices has been his mother Savannah James.

On Mother’s Day on Sunday, James shared a series of snaps on his Instagram stories of his mother, captioning them:


Bronny's IG stories

Bronny's IG stories
Bronny James gets unconditional support from Savannah James:

Bronny James has had the spotlight on him since he started playing basketball, as the destiny of LeBron James’s son is often cited as an NBA player. And yet his adjustment to college basketball was not smooth.

Before the season started, he had a cardiac arrest in July, putting his college career in jeopardy before it had even begun. After he came back, he and USC struggled.

Bronny James averaged 4.8 points, 2.8 rebounds and 2.1 assists, and the naysayers have been on his case. With decisions on his future looming, his mother has shown her support by attending his games and hyping him up on social media.

Being the son of LeBron James comes with its unique set of pressure, and during an episode of “Uninterrupted,” Savannah James would not be drawn into what her son’s future should look like, instead giving a heartwarming answer.

To be happy and find happiness in whatever he (Bronny) does. Whatever it is, I just want him to be happy,” James said.
She reiterated that stance on “The Cut” when she was asked whether she would support Bronny and Bryce James pursuing other careers apart from basketball.

Listen, I want nothing for them except for their happiness,” James said. “That’s it. In whatever it is that they decide to do, I’m here supporting and rooting for them. I’m their biggest fan always. If they decide to go the NBA route or a different route, whatever that is, I’m here.

When Bronny

declared for the NBA draft and entered the transfer portal from the USC Trojans a few weeks ago, his mother reposted the graphic of her son on her Instagram stories and captioned it:

So proud of you!

Whether he decides to return to college basketball or go pro to play alongside his father, Bronny James has one of the best support systems in his mother, Savannah James.