In a surprising turn of events, Alyssa Milano has been terminated from the upcoming reboot of “Who’s the Boss,” with director Joe Barron citing her alleged difficulty to collaborate with.

Barron expressed frustration, stating, “The entire experience has been nothing short of a nightmare. Frankly, we’re considering recasting her just to salvage the project.”

This news comes amidst a series of challenges for Milano, including controversies surrounding her involvement with a Little League baseball team scandal and her attendance at the Super Bowl despite portraying financial struggles. Additionally, there’s mention of a fictional clash with Elon Musk over a Volkswagen mishap that supposedly ended in flames in an upscale Soho neighborhood.

Adding to the whirlwind, there’s a quirky mention of lurking in Milano’s bushes, presumably for comedic effect.

The narrative portrays Milano on the brink of a satirical breakdown, with implications of impending memes and comparisons to the polarizing Whoopi Goldberg. It’s a quirky, satirical take on the tumultuous experiences of a well-known figure, laced with humor and pop culture references.