The sight of a newborn baby lying unattended on the floor during Taylor Swift’s “Eras Tour” show in Paris, France has sparked outrage among internet users.

In recent days, social media has been abuzz with a photo showing a baby lying on the floor during Taylor Swift’s performance in Paris.

According to Page Six, a user identified as @jacnights13 attended the Eras Tour show at La Défense Arena on the evening of May 10 (local time). Subsequently, this person posted a photo on their personal page showing the baby sleeping on the floor in the area where they were standing during Taylor’s performance. In the photo, there is someone standing next to the child, but it is unclear whether they are a parent or guardian. The baby appears to be wearing ear protection to shield from noise.

“I’m not one of those people, but I would definitely call security if I saw a baby lying on the floor because it’s not safe,” @jacnights13 wrote.

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The image of a baby lying on the floor during Taylor Swift’s show has stirred outrage

among internet users. [Photo: X].

The post’s author did not disclose when the photo was taken during the event, whether before or after the performance.

The photo quickly garnered attention from a large number of internet users, amassing 1.7 million views before being deleted. People expressed outrage over the baby’s safety not being ensured and questioned why the baby was brought to the concert.

Audience comments included: “As a mother of a child around the same age, I can’t imagine bringing them to a concert. I understand it’s difficult to find childcare, so if you have to bring your child, they shouldn’t be placed on the floor like that. You should have a carrier, and the baby’s ears need to be protected,” “Why would you risk that? Why were they allowed into the standing area with children in the first place?” “How could they possibly think bringing a baby to events like this is a good idea?” “Can’t imagine how stressed out the baby must have been,” “Wouldn’t a child be terrified? Even with ear protection, it’s still loud, chaotic, with lots of movement and flashing lights… I don’t understand the purpose of bringing a baby to a concert,” “If there were an emergency and people had to rush out, the baby could get trampled or injured. That really bothers me.”

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Representatives of Taylor Swift and La Défense Arena have not responded to the incident. However, @jacnights13 deleted the photo. On May 12, this account wrote on their personal page: “That’s not my photo, so I’m not sure.”

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On the official website, La Défense Arena provided specific guidelines for Taylor’s performances from May 9-12, including regulations on bags and prohibited items, but did not mention any rules regarding children. However, in another post, the venue stated: “We do not recommend bringing children under 4 years old, even with a companion, due to the large number of attendees.”